Are you an anxious 50-something single?
Or in the married couple rut?
Feeling betrayed, on the brink of divorce?

Talk to Roberta

Her relationship counseling will help you

  • Figure out why you’re alone
  • Work up the courage to date again
  • Understand the changes of midlife
  • Feel fully understood and valued
  • End the cheating, lying and infidelity
  • Have fewer arguments, improve communication
  • Stop fighting over money
  • Gain a return of your passion
  • Halt thoughts of divorce or separation

What Others Say About Roberta

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Are you asking yourself:

Where is the person I fell in love with?
Why are we stuck in this negative cycle, arguing about the same issues?
Why doesn’t my partner understand how I’m feeling?
How come she / he is always angry with me?
Why does he / she get so distant when we argue?

Where will we find solutions?

When you are unhappy in your marriage, everything else in your life seems
more frustrating and difficult, too. It’s exhausting to keep trying to work things
out when you feel like you keep beating your head against a wall.

It’s hard to believe that this person you found so wonderful at the beginning
of your relationship seems to not be listening to you anymore. This wasn’t the
partnership you wanted. You’re both unhappy and you know you need some
help if this marriage is going to last.

If you know you want counseling, and are exploring who to work with, I
offer you a free 30 minute phone chat about my proven approach and
how your life can improve by working with me.

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Roberta Gallagher, LCSW, LMFT

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